Bob is a dachsund puppy who is brown in color. His human is Dr. Dinh, Birdwell Island's vetranarian Bob is a minor, one-time characthor in Clifford. His only appearence is the episode "Then Came Bob". In the episode Vaz is taking care of him. His friends go around the island looking for materials to make kites. Clifford is watching Bob while the kids are in the store. Every time the kids are out of site Bob does something he isn't supposed to do like make a mess or climb the legde at the library. Jetta blames Clifford for letting him go up the legde or making a mess but Emily rejects that idea. Towards the end of the episode Dr. Dinh says someone has been behaving mischievously. Jetta says "Clifford has been a lot of trouble today", and soons finds out it is Bob who has been a lot of trouble not Clifford.


Bob is a mischievous puppy. Jetta says that smaller dogs like Mac and Bob are easier to take care of than big dogs Like Clifford but regrets that when he jumps out of her hand into the blueberry pie splashing her with pie. Dr. Dinh says that Clifford is one of the most well-behaved dogs on the island and she is hoping that Clifford could teach him a few manners. Emily says that he would love to