Emily Elizabeth, her family, and several of her friends are going camping. Everybody's excited, except Jetta. She doesn't see why anyone would go camping voluntarily. She's come prepared, though, she's brought her own tent setup, complete with stove, TV, VCR, nice bed, and more. Emily Elizabeth invites everyone to come along to go see a waterfall, and Jetta comes along reluctantly. She wears headphones, drowning out the sounds of nature and listening to music instead. When everyone else is busy admiring butterflies, she plays a portable videogame. Even the butterflies gathering around her aren't enough to make her look up. When they reach the waterfall, she won't go in. Instead, she pulls out her own heated pool, complete with toys and misses out on all the fun. Back at the campsite, everybody roasts hot dogs over the campfire, well, everyone except Jetta. To the ire of Mac, she stays in her tent, eating a TV dinner. Mac whines and begs to go outside, but Jetta says that they're having a nice meal indoors. That night, while everyone's outside admiring the beautiful night sky, Jetta stays indoors, watching a video. Emily Elizabeth comments that she wishes Jetta would come out with them. In the tent, Mac looks out the window plaintively. Jetta gets up from her video and contemplates the night sky, agreeing that it's a lot more beautiful than the night sky back home. Saying that she's doing it for Mac's benefit, she joins everybody outside. She finally gets in on some of the fun she's been missing, even seeing a shooting star.