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Charley[1][2][3] is a supporting character in Clifford the Big Red Dog. He is one of Emily Elizabeth's best friends. He was voiced by Gary LeRoi Gray in the TV show, then by Oren Williams in Clifford's Really Big Movie, and Ogie Banks in Phonics.

Charley was replaced by Jack Morgan in the 2019 series.


Charley is very kind and easygoing. He is truly Emily Elizabeth Howard's best friend. He often has a tendency not to think before he acts at times. He is an excellent soccer player on the school soccer team, the Birdwell Birds. He lives on a houseboat with his father Samuel, who owns a Jamaican restaurant.


Charley is a preteen Jamaican-American boy, who usually wears a white shirt with yellow stripes, red sneakers, and blue jeans.

  • When he celebrates Halloween in "Boo," he is dressed as werewolf.
  • In his dream in "Dog for a Day", Charley is an Afro-Jamaican Terrier Dog with a yellow collar.



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