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2000-09-07 - Clifford - 1x04a Clifford's Carnival
Clifford's Carnival
is the a part of the fourth episode which was first broadcast on 25th of September 2000 .


T-Bone,Clifford and Cleo they spot a big giant head floating near the schoolhouse. Fearing that a giant is attacking the school, Clifford rushes over... Only to it's actually a balloon head that Emily, Charley and Jetta's supposed to be inflating for the Fall Carnival. Except that Jetta's not doing any work and bossing Emily and Charley around.

Clifford inflates the balloon, and Charley gets Jetta to tie the balloon up. She does, but the knot comes undone and the ballon flies around and ends up flat on Jetta's face. Next, Jetta bosses them around some more. They have to move a basket of pumpkins above a sign. Clifford comes to the rescue again. Finally, they have to clean up a carousel. Jetta makes Emily wash the animals and Charley dry them. Charley tries to get Jetta to do the work, but she refuses. No surprise on what happens next: Clifford comes along and cleans the carousel for them. Jetta, taking advantage of the situation, forces Clifford to work faster.

She rightfully gets what she deserves when soap suds from the carousel spashes all over her. She then cleans up using Clifford's tongue, thinking that it's a towel (oh boy, if Clifford gets sick, Jetta'll be in big trouble). She then blames Emily. In steps Mr. Rodriguez, promising them a big ice-cream treat if the carnival's successful. Clifford imagines a ice-cream sundae that's 10 times bigger than him. Fast forward to the evening. We see the carnival in full swing. Everybody's having fun, even the dogs.

Scene changes over to Jetta. She's about to go on the Ferris wheel when Mr. Rodriguez pulls her aside and asks her to usher the tractor that he has rented for the hay ride over to the pumpkin patch when it arrives. Apparently, he's been watching her all afternoon and notes that she wasn't doing anything. Jetta reluctantly agrees and go over to the gate. But after a while, she runs off. Shortly after she does, the tractor arrives. The scene then alternates between Jetta on the Ferris wheel and the owner of the tractor waiting outside, and repeats until the owner finally tires of waiting and leaves.

Turns out that Jetta has been on the wheel 15 times! We cut to the pumpkin patch. The tractor was supposed to be there an hour ago. He questions Jetta. He's upset and was about to cancel it - until Emily gets the idea of making Clifford the tractor.Finally, the carnival is a success.

Clifford also gives cleo a bone that she could take home later on after the carnival.

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