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Daffodil is Emily Elizabeth's pet Holland Lop. She is also Clifford's big sister. And is voiced by Kath Soucie.


Daffodil is portrayed as a very neat bunny. She loves to take walks, take occasional naps and eat carrots. Clifford tries not to give Daffodil such a hard time dog-sitting. Daffodil sometimes gets angry or annoyed by Clifford, and even though they have their fights, they still share a deep brother-sister bond.

Daffodil is more of a 'serious' character, She disproves the impractical things that Norville says; such as saying the moon is made of cheese, or that genies in magic lamps exist. She does not like to be disturbed while sleeping for unimportant reasons, as one time Clifford woke her up in midnight after he "ruined" Emily Elizabeth's painting and told Daffodil that he was going to see Emily before she left for school, but Daffodil did never really care until the morning came. Another time this happened was when Clifford disturbed Daffodil while she was sleeping and simply told her that he sniffed something good, which made her visibly frustrated because it was not anything important.


  • She appeared in Clifford's Puppy Days as a pink bunny in the first half of the show, and her fur was changed to white in the second half. She also has a pink nose and a purple hairbow.


  • Since Clifford's Puppy Days was released after the 2000 series, is unknown what happened to Daffodil after the Howard family moved to Birdwell Island. Many speculate that she died or just wasn't there. The most likely reason as to why she doesn't appear in the 2000 series is because nobody had thought of Daffodil or any other characters from Clifford's Puppy Days in general, since Puppy Days came after the original series ended. And that leads to the possibility that maybe Daffodil and every other Clifford's Puppy Days character was made specifically for Puppy Days. As for the in-world canonical reason as to why she doesn't appear, it is still unknown.
  • Daffodil did not appear in the 2000 Clifford the Big Red Dog cartoon series.
  • Daffodil's voice actor Kath Soucie also voiced Jetta Handover in the 2000 Clifford the Big Red Dog series.