Mrs. Young is reading K.C. a story about an investigator named "Detective Mike." It's a good story and they get to the end of it, so Mrs. Young suggests that K.C. go and play with his friends. K.C. does, he finds Clifford, Cleo and T-Bone at the park. There, something mysterious has happened. The merry-go-round has completely disappeared. There's only an imprint in the sand where it used to be. The dogs don't have any idea what could have happened the merry-go-round, but they want to find out. K.C. tells them about Detective Mike. He can solve any mystery, except for one problem, he's not real. K.C. suggests that they could, however, learn some detecting tips from Detective Mike's stories. He says that the first thing Detective Mike does is a stakeout. After clarifying that a stakeout has absolutely nothing to do with steak, he and the other dogs setup and conduct their stakeout. They spy Charley going through the park, with some sort of suspicious box. K.C. notes that the next thing Detective Mike would do would be trail him, i.e. follow him and investigate. They decide to do this, although T-Bone remains behind, to continue the stakeout in case anything suspicious should happen while they're away. They follow Charley, and Cleo investigates what's in his box, but it's nothing but crabs, it turns out he was delivering them to his Dad's restaurant. The crabs were a dead-end, so they decide to return to the park to find out how T-Bone's stakeout is going. Upon returning to the park, they see that not only the merry-go-round, but also the rest of the playground equipment has now vanished. Worse, T-Bone fell asleep, so he didn't see anything that happened. Fortunately, there's a Detective Mike solution for this: they'll follow the tracks that were left and see where they take them. They follow them to a van, where there, they eavesdrop. It turns out that the playground equipment wasn't stolen, it's just been taken temporarily to be repainted. Mystery solved.