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Emily Elizabeth Howard is the deuteragonist of Clifford the Big Red Dog and Clifford's Puppy Days.

She is the owner of Clifford as well as his best friend. Her surname was not revealed in the books. She is also the owner of Daffodil in Clifford's Puppy Days. She adopted him when he was a puppy. Her massive amount of love for him resulted in his enormous size, resulting in her family having to leave their New York City apartment for a home on Birdwell Island. She was voiced by Alyson Court in the 1988 series produced by Nelvana, Grey DeLisle in the 2000 PBS series and Clifford's Puppy Days, and Hannah Levinson in the 2019 PBS series: PT 2 of The 1st Series. She has a boyfriend jacob two two


In the 1988 Nelvana series, Emily Elizabeth wears a white and blue T-shirt with a red undershirt with a blue skirt, she has white knee socks and black shoes.

In the 2000 series and its prequel, she usually wears a long sleeve school uniform pink shirt with a black school uniform skirt and black and pink striped knee socks and black school shoes. In Disney series, she wears a purple short sleeve shirt, brown belt, tan shorts with white socks and brown hicking boots.

In the 2019 series, she now wears a light yellow shirt, and has a cyan hair clip, bracelets, socks, and light blue shoes.


  • Throughout the series, Emily gets angry the rarest out of Clifford. One of her angry moments is in Jetta's Sneak Peek, when she discovers that her diary was read by Jetta Handover (who was so eager to peek that she did not ask for permission). In the prequel series' episode "My Blanky", she also gets angry with Nina over finding out that the latter had told a secret about her baby blanket to one person, because every person tells another up to the point where Mr. Solomon dedicates a book on baby blankets to Emily Elizabeth. In Clifford’s Really Big Movie, she got angry when she tries to save Clifford.
  • Emily is usually addressed by her full name, Emily Elizabeth. It’s possible that Elizabeth is her middle name. However, there are times where people (usually Charley) just call her Emily.