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Homes Is Where the Fun Is is the b part of the third episode which was first broadcast on 18 of September 2000 .

Trivia: Titanic Tower is a parody of The Empire State Building in New York City.


Jetta is going to the city to visit a tower "Titanic Tower." She sarcastically tells Emily Elizabeth that she's sure she'll find something to do on this "little island" today. Clifford goes to meet Cleo and T-Bone. However, he doesn't really feel like playing. He's worried that Emily Elizabeth took Jetta's comment too seriously. Cleo suggests that he should show her just how fun the island is. So he decides that he will.

He takes both her and Charley on a tour of all the great sights on the island. First, he takes them deep into the ocean, where they see Beluga whales up close. In the city, Jetta and her Mom are faced with huge traffic. Jetta's Mom asks if she wouldn't rather go to the zoo. But Jetta insists that she wants to see Titanic Tower. On the island, Clifford takes Emily Elizabeth and Charley to a remote beach. There, they find sea turtle eggs. Even better yet, it's hatching time. At first, the baby turtles think that Clifford is their mother and head towards him. But then their real mother shows up. In the city, Jetta and her Mom have a bad experience with a crowded bus.

But Jetta still wants to go to Titanic Tower. Clifford next takes Emily Elizabeth and Charley to a lookout point from which you can see the entire island. Both are really wowed by this. They think that maybe it's even better than Titanic Tower. In the city, Jetta and her Mom are forced with a huge line to get tickets to enter Titanic Tower. Then, when they get inside, the elevator's broken, so they have to take the stairs. Jetta's mom says these stairs will take 2 days to climb. Finally, when they get to the top, they find that the windows are covered, so there's no view. Clifford takes Emily Elizabeth and Charley to the pier, where Jetta's ferry is coming in. When Jetta gets off, Emily Elizabeth asks Jetta how Titanic Tower was. Jetta lies and says that it was great. She says that next time, maybe Emily Elizabeth can come along with her. Her Mom tells her that next time, they're going to the zoo.


Dennis Haley and Marcy Brown wrote this episode, while Sean Dempsey directed this episode.

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