Emily Elizabeth and Charley are designing a model lighthouse for a yearly competition. Jetta's making one too, but she's worried she's not going to win because Emily Elizabeth and Charley won last year and with them working together again, they're unstoppable. Then, she overhears Emily Elizabeth and Charley arguing over how the lighthouse should be. Charley wants to do a purple and orange lighthouse with sugar cubes, whereas Emily Elizabeth wants to do a traditional white lighthouse with red stripes, made out of sticks. Capitalizing on this, Jetta snooks Charley into working on a lighthouse with her by telling him that maybe it's better if he didn't work with Emily Elizabeth this year, since they can't agree on what to do. Then, behind Charley's back, Jetta tells Emily Elizabeth that Charley doesn't like her idea and tricks her into working on one for her as well. This goes on for a while and only Clifford, Mac and Jetta seem to know the truth about what's going on. Meanwhile, Emily Elizabeth and Charley aren't even speaking to each other. Finally, Clifford concocts a plan to get Emily Elizabeth over to Charley's while he's there working on the lighthouse for Jetta. (Rather than with Jetta, since Jetta's basically letting them do all the work.) Emily Elizabeth finds Charley at Jetta's and the truth comes out about what Jetta did. Jetta explains that she didn't think she could win if Emily Elizabeth and Charley worked together, so she kept them apart. Then, they decide to combine both their projects, with Jetta's help. With this level of teamwork, the project wins first prize.


Larry Swerdlove wrote this episode, while John Over directed this episode.