It's late at night and Sheriff Lewis is watching a monster movie. T-Bone's with him and the images on the screen scare him. Seeing this, Sheriff Lewis decides to change the channel. There's no such things as monsters, but if the movie scares T-Bone, he doesn't want to upset him. The next day, the scary movie is still on T-Bone's mind. Suddenly, he sees a huge shadow and he starts to cower, telling himself there's no such thing as monsters. But the shadow is just Clifford. Mac and Cleo are also with him. T-Bone explains about how he saw the scary movie the night before. But he knows there are no such things as monsters. Really, he does. So Mac invites them all over to his house to play some ball. They're playing, when Clifford accidentally knocks the ball into the woods. T-Bone says he'll go get it, but when he goes in, he hears animal noises, which scare him and he runs out. So Clifford goes and gets the ball. Then, in a new scene, Emily Elizabeth is walking with Jetta, talking about how she's lost her watch. Jetta suggests coming over to her house to search for it. The dogs come and Emily Elizabeth asks them to search for it outside. So they do. After a couple of false leads, Mac sniffs the watch in a small hole underneath Jetta's porch. But it's too small for him to fit through. Cleo can fit through and does, but she gets her bow caught on a nail and gets stuck. That leaves T-Bone as the only dog small enough to fit inside. He tells himself again that there's no such thing as monsters and goes in. He frees Cleo and then finds the watch. Outside, Emily Elizabeth has given up looking for it, but then T-Bone presents it to her. Emily Elizabeth calls him a very brave dog.


Ann-Marie Perrota and Tean Schultz whrote this episode, while Andrew Overtoom directed this episode.