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Special Delivery is the first segment of the second episode which was first broadcast on 5 September 2000.


Emily Elizabeth has a package. It's a present for her cousin, Laura. She wants Clifford to take it to the post office and give it to the mailman, Mr. Carson, for her. Clifford dutifully obeys. Meanwhile, T-Bone and Cleo are at the post office.Clifford comes and tells them that he's delivering Emily Elizbaeth's package. Both Cleo and T-Bone are surprised by this.

T-Bone doesn't think Sheriff Lewis would ever allow him to do something like that. They're both curious about what's inside the package, but Clifford just wants to get it delivered. Cleo, however, gets wild with it and ends up shredding the package. Fortunately, the contents are damaged (yet.) They study the contents and determine that it's a "magic ball," that inflates itself. They start to play with it, but then Clifford decides that they'd better try to get it back in the package. However, now that it's inflated, it's too big to fit. They try to smoosh it down to get it to fit, but Clifford ends up sitting on it and popping it.

Clifford says that he has to go tell Emily Elizabeth. Both Cleo and T-Bone think that she's probably not going to be very happy. They offer to go with him, but Clifford says that he has to do it on his own. On the way home, Clifford imagines that things with a round shape are actually the ball. He doesn't know how he's going to let Emily Elizabeth know what happened. Later, Cleo comes to Clifford's and he admits that he still hasn't shown Emily Elizabeth what happened. Cleo keeps talking about how upset Emily Elizabeth is going to be and suggests that he hide the ball. After some smooth talking, Clifford finally agrees.

Then, Emily Elizabeth comes and thanks him for delivering the package. She gives him a treat as thanks for doing so. But Clifford just whimpers and refuses the treat. Finally, he goes over, gets the ruined ball out of the hiding place and shows Emily Elizabeth. Emily Elizabeth is upset. But mainly, she wishes Clifford hadn't hidden the ball. If she had known sooner, she could have gone out and gotten a new one right away. She really wanted to get the gift to her cousin for her birthday. She says that she knows Clifford is sorry and so they both go into town to get a new gift. Cleo who is sitting on a tree, watches Clifford and Emily go by claiming she knew Clifford should've told Emily from the beginning Cleo then falls off the tree, ending the episode.


When Clifford Runs towards the camera when he is running towards Ms Bleakman, in the begining of the scene he is small, but gets bigger as he gets closer